Make Your own Mermaid Party Popcorn!

When you combine an easy to make recipe and cheap ingredients you have yourself a real party hit! Check out our simple mermaid-inspired party popcorn mix that will be perfect for your next soiree!

One of my favourite frugal investments has been our air popcorn popper. Not only is it easy to use, but it makes for a cheaper, healthier alternative to microwave popcorn. It’s also a great base for sweet party treats.

All you need for the mermaid popcorn:

  • 2 cups popcorn kernels

  • 2 cups white melting chocolate wafers

  • 1tbsp of coconut oil

  • Food colouring*

  • Edible pearls*

  • Sprinkles*

  • Edible glitter*

  • Gummy fish*

*All of these add-ons are optional but delicious!

Pop the kernels in batches to avoid burning. Fill up to your machine’s fill line and make sure to remove any unpopped kernels from each batch.

Melt the chocolate wafers over a double boiler with coconut oil. Divide into two equal parts once melted. Add one colour of food colouring in each bowl and mix.

Put prepared popcorn into two separate bowls.

Add melted chocolate into each bowl. Cover completely. Add sprinkles, pearls and glitter if desired. Once the chocolate has hardened, combine the two colours together.

Are you planning a mermaid-themed party? Check out our super simple shell cookie how-to!


Super Simple Shell Cookies

Do you have a little mermaid at home that you are planning to celebrate? These shell sugar cookies are an easy and fun DIY for your next birthday party.

When it comes to decorating my own cakes, I often choose to forgo the fancy decorations in favour of placing on-theme toys. Check out my LOL birthday party cake here. For my daughter’s eighth birthday party, a sale on sugar cookie mix inspired me to make these under the sea themed treats!

Let’s Bake!

I followed the box recipe (doubled) for the sugar cookies and then divided into three equal parts. I used food colouring to tint them to my desired colours (two parts blue and one part green for teal) and mixed well.


I made three equal balls and then combined the dough loosely to make a tied dyed look.

I had found these cookie cutters that reminded me of the top of a shell. I used the cookie cutter to make a perforated edge and then shaped the bottom of the cookie into a shell with a knife. I then followed the edges of the top to create shell-like ridges with the knife.

I added a pearl decoration and some dusting powder to add a little bit of flare. If your pearl melts during the baking process, just add a new one. The old one will work as glue to keep it in place.

Under the sea

Bake according to package directions and let cool. If you plan on making the cookies as a stand-alone, try combining two cookies with icing and add a pearl in the middle. Instant hit for any under the sea themed party! Or add to our mermaid-style cupcakes for a delicious duo.


Do you rock your baking or do you tend to ‘nail it’? Let me know in the comments!