The Perfect Cupcakes for your Little Mermaid

Cupcakes are the perfect handheld treat for birthday celebrations. A perfect portion for everyone, they are an easy cake alternative for the busy party-planner. Check out my mermaid cupcakes inspired by under the sea. 

When my daughter and I decided on a mermaid theme for her eighth birthday, I quickly decided to try and make her own cake this year. After all, it is generally cheaper and tastes better than store bought, but how was I going to pull it off?

After finding inspiration for some shell-shaped cookies, I decided to use them to top cupcakes to stay on theme and on budget.

I used a cake mix and premade icing from the local bulk food store to save on costs. After preparing my cake mix according to the instructions, I added sprinkles to create the requested ‘funfetti’ flavour. Once the cupcakes were baked, I used an icing tip to create a hollow space and added some star sprinkles for an extra bit of crunchy fun.

After replacing the cake circle top, I added two different shades of icing (teal and purple) to my icing bag and piped on a multi-colour swirl. The trick to this is to put each colour on its own side of the piping bag for a cool swirl effect.

From there I let my creativity take over with some pearl accents, gummy fish and of course, my shell cookies.

I wanted to make my daughter’s cupcake stand out, so I added two shell cookies together with a huge swirl of icing and then put a pearl in the middle.


The cupcakes were a big hit! While I momentarily feared there would be fights over who got which cupcake, they all disappeared within minutes and without a fight. We were even able to persuade guests to take the leftovers home to enjoy the next day.


Are you a DIY baker? Let us know in the comments!