Parenting: it’s guaranteed to make you sick

When my kids get sick my gut reaction is always the same: a wave of annoyance and then an overwhelming feeling of mom guilt.

Of course, I know what I should be feeling: concern for my child’s health, empathy over their current situation, even a little sadness that they aren’t feeling well.

Instead, though, I seem to always fall short. Take the other night for example. My youngest was in my room having stolen both my phone and my bed. It was a quiet night until I heard it. The sound no parent wants to hear, but can immediately recognize.

The sound of puke hitting the floor.

Instead of being the good mother who runs to be by their child’s side, I find myself muttering ‘for fuck’s sake’ under my breath and cursing our lack of paper towels.

I hate when my kids get sick.  It’s not only the fact that instead of becoming snuggly, tired and sweet my kids become whiny snot monsters wrecking havoc on the household; it’s because they are determined to take me down with them.

My kids are amazing at timing their sneezes to land directly in my face, and they also manage to insist on sleeping their sickness off as close to me as possible just to up the ante.

During this particular sickness, I was fortunate enough to have the stomach flu hit just as we had run out of laundry soap. With a serious concern with the state of both of her ends, I finally attempted to venture out a few days after the start of ‘shitmageddon’ only to have my little one fall asleep in the car. My need for a home that didn’t smell like sewage was overthrown by my daughter’s sheer need for rest.

After a few days of insanity, I found myself desensitized. My little one would find her usual spot in the kitchen (in case you were planning on eating that day), let me know she wasn’t feeling well and then proceed to puke all over herself.

I guess after shitting her pants while sleeping in my bed a little puke on the tile floor was a welcome change.

And now, with a family party on the horizon and plenty to do, she has managed to pass her stomach flu to me. So after days of cleaning up bodily fluids, I now get to experience it first hand. It could be worse though.

She could have given it to my husband.



Free Unicorn Pattern

When it comes to staying on trend and making those obsessed with unicorns happy, this pattern is a perfect fit. Worked in the round, this easy pattern can easily be personalized with the yarn you have on hand to make a truly unique creation. Love the flowers pictured above? Why not check out our coffee filter flower tutorial?


For this pattern:

  • U.S. 5.0 mm hook
  • U.S. 3.o mm hook
  • Cream or White sport weight yarn (I used this) 
  • Gold yarn fine weight (I used this)
  • Rainbow or multi-coloured yarn for mane and tail
  • Googly or safety eyes
  • polyfill
  • yarn needle (optional but recommended)


  • MC -magic circle (check out this how-to)
  • SC single crochet
  • DEC Decrease
  • INC increase

Head using cream yarn 5.0 mm hook

MC, 6 SC into MC (6)

row 1: 2 SC in each stitch (12)

row 2: 1 Sc, INC (18)

row 3: 2SC, INC (24)

row 4: 3 SC, INC (30)

row 5: 4 SC, INC (36)

row 6: 5 SC, INC (42)

row 7 to 21 SC in each SC (42)

Leave a long tail for sewing if you are going to use safety eyes insert them now and stuff with polyfill.

Body using cream yarn 5.0 mm hook

MC, 6 SC into MC (6)

row 1: 2 SC in each stitch (12)

row 2: 1 Sc, INC (18)

row 3: 2SC, INC (24)

row 4: 3 SC, INC (30)

row 5: 4 SC, INC (36)

row 6: 5 SC, INC (42)

row 7 6 SC, INC (48)

row 8, 7 SC, INC (56)

row 9 to 24 SC in each SC (56)

row 25 SC 7 DEC (48)

row 26 SC 6 DEC (42)

row 27 SC 5 DEC (36)

row 28 SC 4 DEC (30)

row 29 SC 3 DEC (24)

Stuff and leave a long tail for sewing

Legs (x4) start in gold with 5.0 mm hook

row 1: MC 6 SC into MC (6)

row 2: 2 SC into each SC (12)

row 3-6 1 SC in each SC (12)

Switch to cream

row 7: DEC, SC in each SC (11)

row 8: DEC. DC in each SC (10)

row 9-19: SC in each SC (10)

Stuff and sew closed with a long tail for sewing to the body

Ears (x2) in cream

row 1: Chain 10

row 2: SC, HDC, 2 HDC, DC, 2 DC, DC, 2 HDC, HDC, SC

row 3: on the other side of the chain-SC, HDC, 2 HDC, DC, 2 DC, DC, 2 HDC, HDC, SC

Leave a long tail for sewing

Horn-in gold 3mm hook

row 1: MC 6 sc in MC

row 2: 2 SC in each SC (12)

row 3 1 SC INC (18)

row 4: 2 SC INC (24)

row 5-6 1 SC in each SC (24)

row 7  3 SC DEC (18)

row 8 1 SC in each SC (18)

row 9 2 SC DEC (12)

row 10-11 1 SC in each SC (12)

Stuff horn

row 12 1 SC DEC (6)

row 13 DEC (3)

row 14 DEC (1)

Now you are ready to assemble your unicorn! Use your yarn needle to sew the legs, head, horn, and ears in place.

For the mane and tail-You can choose to either use a nice multicoloured yarn or several different colours of yarn. Wrap the yarn around a small object to create small lengths. I choose to use a ruler.

Once you have wrapped the yarn several times cut the lengths across. Now you are going to take one length in your hook.  Push the hook through a stitch to make a small loop. First, make sure that the two sides are even and then pull them through the loop to make a knot. Repeat the process until you have reached the desired mane. For the tail, repeat the process but use a larger object to make your lengths longer.

Add googly eyes with a hot glue gun.







Make your own coffee filter flowers

After a long winter, Spring is finally here. If you are anything like me, you want to be surrounded by flowers, even if there is still snow on the ground! Why not make these super sweet flowers from some really inexpensive household items? In fact, you probably already have everything you need.

All you need:

  • Coffee filters
  • food colouring
  • toothpicks
  • glue gun and glue

There are several different ways to dye coffee filters for flowers. I simply added a few drops of dye to water and then submerged some filters to colour them. I left them overnight and then set out to dry. You can also experiment with creating ombre effects which are also really pretty.

Once your filters are dry grab four filters and fold them in half.

and again

For a peony flower, cut out three petal shapes that are about the same size

For a carnation cut three “toes” out of the coffee filter.

And then add a wavy detail

Now poke the toothpick through the center of one filter and apply hot glue to the top third of the toothpick.

Use the filter as a shield to protect your hands and gather the filter into a loose cylinder shape. The petals should be shaped upwards so you don’t see the toothpick. With each layer, the petals will gradually start facing to the side rather than straight up.

 Continue to add filters gradually allowing them to ‘bloom’ farther and farther outwards.  Make sure to glue each layer

Since you already have toothpicks in place, you can easily stick these blooms in craft foam to create wreaths or cute decor!

Love the unicorn in the picture? Check out our free pattern!