Super Simple Shell Cookies

Do you have a little mermaid at home that you are planning to celebrate? These shell sugar cookies are an easy and fun DIY for your next birthday party.

When it comes to decorating my own cakes, I often choose to forgo the fancy decorations in favour of placing on-theme toys. Check out my LOL birthday party cake here. For my daughter’s eighth birthday party, a sale on sugar cookie mix inspired me to make these under the sea themed treats!

Let’s Bake!

I followed the box recipe (doubled) for the sugar cookies and then divided into three equal parts. I used food colouring to tint them to my desired colours (two parts blue and one part green for teal) and mixed well.


I made three equal balls and then combined the dough loosely to make a tied dyed look.

I had found these cookie cutters that reminded me of the top of a shell. I used the cookie cutter to make a perforated edge and then shaped the bottom of the cookie into a shell with a knife. I then followed the edges of the top to create shell-like ridges with the knife.

I added a pearl decoration and some dusting powder to add a little bit of flare. If your pearl melts during the baking process, just add a new one. The old one will work as glue to keep it in place.

Under the sea

Bake according to package directions and let cool. If you plan on making the cookies as a stand-alone, try combining two cookies with icing and add a pearl in the middle. Instant hit for any under the sea themed party! Or add to our mermaid-style cupcakes for a delicious duo.


Do you rock your baking or do you tend to ‘nail it’? Let me know in the comments!

Easy DIY Otter Magnet

Crafting with kids is a great way to pass the time and exercise your creative muscles. Being a crafty mom, I enjoy spending time with my kids this way, and I enjoy it, even more, when I get the chance to create along with them. So here is an easy DIY that you can do along with your kids with nothing more than a little bit of oven baked clay, a toothpick, a hot glue gun and a magnet.

To make this project I used brown, black, white and blue clay.

First I took some brown clay and divided it into two portions. In the larger portion, I added some black clay to darken it and in the smaller portion, I lightened it with white.

I rolled it together so that it was combined but you could still see the different colours in the clay. I like the realistic effect.

The larger portion is divided into a tear-shaped body, two very small balls for ears and a long snake shape.

The smaller portion is divided into a smaller tear shaped belly, two cheeks, and a head.

Use a toothpick to create a fur texture on the head and body of the otter.

Divide the snake shape into five equal lengths. Shape them into rounded ends and attach as the limbs and tail.

Add two small black eyes and a larger nose.

Now grab some blue clay with a small amount of black and white. Combine but don’t overmix. Flatten into a circle and attach your otter.

Bake according to the directions for your clay. Allow to cool and attach a magnet with a hot glue gun.



Turn a lamp from basic to beautiful

When it comes to decor, I am obsessed with lighting. I love a great lamp or chandelier, but the best is when you can find a great project to upcycle and turn into something great.

I saw this pink lamp in my favourite second-hand store while I was planning to redo my daughter’s bedroom. While I am not particularly into the sequin look, I thought it was a good opportunity to try a new project to fit into her Parisian floral theme.

I went to my local dollar tree to find some nice blooms to fill the lampshade. I was able to get a large number of blooms for a really great price.

I prepared the stems by trimming them so they lay flat. In some instances, you need to glue a few layers of flower together to keep it together.

Start gluing your flowers to the lampshade. Try not to group the same types of flowers together too closely and make it look random.

Once you have filled in your lampshade, there is nothing to do but enjoy your creation!

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