Easy DIY Otter Magnet

Crafting with kids is a great way to pass the time and exercise your creative muscles. Being a crafty mom, I enjoy spending time with my kids this way, and I enjoy it, even more, when I get the chance to create along with them. So here is an easy DIY that you can do along with your kids with nothing more than a little bit of oven baked clay, a toothpick, a hot glue gun and a magnet.

To make this project I used brown, black, white and blue clay.

First I took some brown clay and divided it into two portions. In the larger portion, I added some black clay to darken it and in the smaller portion, I lightened it with white.

I rolled it together so that it was combined but you could still see the different colours in the clay. I like the realistic effect.

The larger portion is divided into a tear-shaped body, two very small balls for ears and a long snake shape.

The smaller portion is divided into a smaller tear shaped belly, two cheeks, and a head.

Use a toothpick to create a fur texture on the head and body of the otter.

Divide the snake shape into five equal lengths. Shape them into rounded ends and attach as the limbs and tail.

Add two small black eyes and a larger nose.

Now grab some blue clay with a small amount of black and white. Combine but don’t overmix. Flatten into a circle and attach your otter.

Bake according to the directions for your clay. Allow to cool and attach a magnet with a hot glue gun.



Free Unicorn Pattern

When it comes to staying on trend and making those obsessed with unicorns happy, this pattern is a perfect fit. Worked in the round, this easy pattern can easily be personalized with the yarn you have on hand to make a truly unique creation. Love the flowers pictured above? Why not check out our coffee filter flower tutorial?


For this pattern:

  • U.S. 5.0 mm hook
  • U.S. 3.o mm hook
  • Cream or White sport weight yarn (I used this) 
  • Gold yarn fine weight (I used this)
  • Rainbow or multi-coloured yarn for mane and tail
  • Googly or safety eyes
  • polyfill
  • yarn needle (optional but recommended)


  • MC -magic circle (check out this how-to)
  • SC single crochet
  • DEC Decrease
  • INC increase

Head using cream yarn 5.0 mm hook

MC, 6 SC into MC (6)

row 1: 2 SC in each stitch (12)

row 2: 1 Sc, INC (18)

row 3: 2SC, INC (24)

row 4: 3 SC, INC (30)

row 5: 4 SC, INC (36)

row 6: 5 SC, INC (42)

row 7 to 21 SC in each SC (42)

Leave a long tail for sewing if you are going to use safety eyes insert them now and stuff with polyfill.

Body using cream yarn 5.0 mm hook

MC, 6 SC into MC (6)

row 1: 2 SC in each stitch (12)

row 2: 1 Sc, INC (18)

row 3: 2SC, INC (24)

row 4: 3 SC, INC (30)

row 5: 4 SC, INC (36)

row 6: 5 SC, INC (42)

row 7 6 SC, INC (48)

row 8, 7 SC, INC (56)

row 9 to 24 SC in each SC (56)

row 25 SC 7 DEC (48)

row 26 SC 6 DEC (42)

row 27 SC 5 DEC (36)

row 28 SC 4 DEC (30)

row 29 SC 3 DEC (24)

Stuff and leave a long tail for sewing

Legs (x4) start in gold with 5.0 mm hook

row 1: MC 6 SC into MC (6)

row 2: 2 SC into each SC (12)

row 3-6 1 SC in each SC (12)

Switch to cream

row 7: DEC, SC in each SC (11)

row 8: DEC. DC in each SC (10)

row 9-19: SC in each SC (10)

Stuff and sew closed with a long tail for sewing to the body

Ears (x2) in cream

row 1: Chain 10

row 2: SC, HDC, 2 HDC, DC, 2 DC, DC, 2 HDC, HDC, SC

row 3: on the other side of the chain-SC, HDC, 2 HDC, DC, 2 DC, DC, 2 HDC, HDC, SC

Leave a long tail for sewing

Horn-in gold 3mm hook

row 1: MC 6 sc in MC

row 2: 2 SC in each SC (12)

row 3 1 SC INC (18)

row 4: 2 SC INC (24)

row 5-6 1 SC in each SC (24)

row 7  3 SC DEC (18)

row 8 1 SC in each SC (18)

row 9 2 SC DEC (12)

row 10-11 1 SC in each SC (12)

Stuff horn

row 12 1 SC DEC (6)

row 13 DEC (3)

row 14 DEC (1)

Now you are ready to assemble your unicorn! Use your yarn needle to sew the legs, head, horn, and ears in place.

For the mane and tail-You can choose to either use a nice multicoloured yarn or several different colours of yarn. Wrap the yarn around a small object to create small lengths. I choose to use a ruler.

Once you have wrapped the yarn several times cut the lengths across. Now you are going to take one length in your hook.  Push the hook through a stitch to make a small loop. First, make sure that the two sides are even and then pull them through the loop to make a knot. Repeat the process until you have reached the desired mane. For the tail, repeat the process but use a larger object to make your lengths longer.

Add googly eyes with a hot glue gun.







How to get skinny for free (cause I’m a cheap and chubby)

Why do they call it a weight loss journey? To me, a journey implies a fun little trip where you can stop for ice cream along the way. The process of trying to lose weight to me is more of a hike. It involves running shoes, drinking lots of water and it is often much harder than you anticipated to reach your goal.

I am certainly not the first mother who wants to lose the mom jeans and get into skinny pants, but I am trying to reach my goal with a twist.

I want to lose weight without spending any money.

I’m not even talking about avoiding buying protein shakes, skinny pills and exercise equipment. I am talking about not spending any money at all.

Yeah, you can say I am pretty cheap.

Why should I have to spend money in order to withhold delicious carbs from my body and sweat out all my poor choices? All I need is to work my ass off (literally) and get a little creative.

The first thing I did was find a willing gym partner and then take advantage of their kindness. My sweet sister has a membership at Planet Fitness that includes unlimited guests. The first time I accompanied her to the gym I simply showed some ID and from then on out I simply had to give my phone number. Now most people would probably just get their own membership. I really do love the gym and it’s really inexpensive to sign up. They even give free tootsie rolls to the chumps like me who are too cheap to sign up. I love it-but I don’t want to pay for it.

While relying on a partner to lose weight is not always the best way to go, I always have my plan B: YouTube.

I actually love finding good quality workouts online to be able to workout in the privacy of my own home on my own schedule. I am actually working on this seven day ab routine that has made my abs hurt in the best way ever. I also love a good old Tae Bo routine. Especially one like this from back in the day where Billy Blanks sweats his butt off and there is always sexual tension between him and the blonde in the first row who keeps yelling, ‘yes sir’ with a little bit too much enthusiasm.

One of the best free weight loss options for me is to embrace running. Since I am not a natural runner, I need a little help with some good tunes and a good app to help get my butt in gear. I love C25K. I can start off slow and build my way to running a 5 k and looking good while doing it.

While exercise is part of weight loss, what I really need is a personal assistant to slap my kid’s leftover nuggets out of my hands and into the trash. Since I need a free option, My Fitness Pal is the perfect pick. I love how easy it is to find the calories on my favourite foods so I can quickly determine how much ice cream I can eat without having to skip a meal.

Of course, there is more than just fitting into a bathing suit motivating me to trim my waistline. I have three girls looking up to me to learn how to have a healthy balance. As much as this little experiment will teach them about healthy living, I am hoping they can also learn that there are ways to get what you need without spending money unnecessarily and utilizing the resources around you. #cheapandchubby